About us

Climate change, national foods and national histories. These are just a few of the wide range of topics we’re interested in.

At the Wanderlust Herald, we’re a team of young journalists. We come from over 15 different countries, each of us bringing a unique perspective of the world around us and the country in which we live. We aim to put this viewpoint into words, in an engaging and informative way that allows our readers to enjoy broadening their horizons.

Amy from the UK

In a world that’s increasingly divided, we also hope to help break down stereotypes and presumption through our writing, communicating an honest perspective through our eyes as young citizens of this world.  We want to share a bit of our countries, perhaps even enticing our readers to visit them, learn a new language, and to experience the cultures for themselves.

Our project is a collaboration – we work as a team, not only finding unity amongst ourselves, but endeavouring to spread this through our writing. We look to the future, to a world embracing international cultures, but also to the past, informing ourselves and our readers of our countries’ heritages.

But, at the end of the day, we don’t have an agenda, and we’re certainly not doing it for financial gain. We’ve just got a few (niche) interests and a desire to share these with the world.