What is Romanticism?
Romanticism is a literary, artistic and cultural movement that developed towards the end of the 18th century to around the beginning of the 19th century in Europe.

It focuses on the individual – the emotions and the passions of each human being. It is a movement in which faith, feelings, and irrationality had the most artistic expression.

Romanticism was also a movement of true denunciation of contemporary injustices, as we can see in the painting of William Turner “the slave ship”. The picture had been inspired by a real-life incident: the mass killing of 142 African slaves on the Zonta ship. The romantic paintings and the techniques of the painters who belong to this movement are very different from each other, as we can tell by comparing Turner’s paintings, in which the subject of the canvas is a vague portrait of nature, with Hayez’s paintings. The subject of “The Kiss” by Hayez is the passion of a young couple who are kissing, perhaps for the last time. 


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