The Political Divide Is Widening: Can It Be Fixed?

The U.S. Presidential election of 2020 has come and gone, and for all intents and purposes, Joe Biden has won the presidency over Donald J. Trump. While many are happy with this result and what it means for the next four years, the election revealed a bigger issue than who will be the next U.S. […]Read More


Travel In The Age Of COVID 19

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way that our world works in a matter of months, and for the most part, the damage will be permanent. Perhaps the sector most affected by the horrific events of 2020 is the travel and tourism industry. With international travel being […]Read More


Ireland’s Ancient East – Newgrange

The Boyne Valley, County Meath. An area steeped in the rich history of the ancient Irish. Perhaps the crown jewel in Irish history, and one of the major tourist attractions on the island, Newgrange.  Newgrange was constructed around 3200 BC, making it one of the oldest standing monuments in the world, older than the Pyramids […]Read More


North and South: The Divided Island

Ireland is known by the rest of the world as the island of saints and scholars. We are renowned worldwide for our kindness, our hospitality and our ability to remain neutral in both world wars.  But what many people don’t know, is that on this small island in the northern hemisphere, there are two countries, […]Read More