Rohingya crisis in the Asian subcontinent

The Rohingya Crisis is a well known crisis involving the issue of the rohingya ethnicity which have become refugees because of different internal conflicts in their homeland Myanmar. It is severely harming the integrity of the countries where Rohingyas are the temporary citizens, including: Bangladesh, Australia, India, Japan, Malaysia precisely. Rohingyas were originally tribal people. […]Read More


The Fall Of Communism

I was thinking of writing about this for a long period of time but since it’s a controversial topic I avoided it. Though, after the so-called ‘communist’ China started going ‘rogue’ and some communists in our country created havoc regarding unnecessary situations, I decided to look upon the issue. So anybody has the right to […]Read More


British Colonialism in America and India

In 1497, King Henry VII of  England sent an expedition to the North American coast. However, because there were few precious metals available, both the Spanish and English initially refused to permanently settle there. The first permanent English colonization of the Americas was the colony of Jamestown, in 1607. Prior to Cristopher Columbus’ arrival in […]Read More


The Industrial Revolution

The industrial revolution was the period of change to new manufacturing processes between 1760 and c1830. It paved the way to capitalism in modern times and is considered a significant period which changed society in both good and bad ways. The term ‘Industrial revolution’ was first used by French writers but was popularised by British […]Read More


The History of the Rajputs

We have all heard of the mighty Vikings and Romans who, while they were known for their valour and strength,  mostly were not just and lacked compassion. However, all of these traits can be seen in a warrior class called the Rajputs who were native to a part of the Indian subcontinent. The Rajputs are […]Read More


Bengali renaissance

The Bengali renaissance was the period of social, artistic, cultural, intellectual changes that occurred in the Bengal region between 18th century CE and 19th Century CE due to the continuous interactions between the elite class Hindu Bengalis and some British scholars. Kolkata( the city where it all started was beneficial to the British in many […]Read More