Black Lives Matter: What is It?

I’m sure we’ve all heard the name before Black Lives Matter, in the United States this name can be found on shirts, face masks, hats and tote bags, worn by thousands of people every day. And as subliminal messaging goes, the ambiguously named organization gains ample publicity, it is a following directed to every individual […]Read More


The Cultural Beliefs Of America and Russia: Represented In Past

Walt Disney Animation, SoyuzMultiFilm, two of the most well known and legendary animation companies the world has had the pleasure of enjoying their creative works.  Over the past few weeks, I have been viewing several works of former soviet animation, as I learn to become more familiar with the sound of the language and culture […]Read More


The Italian-American Mafia: Part I

Introduction  This month we’re going to take a brief look into the methods, rules, and the overall structure of one of the most infamous crime organizations the world has had the displeasure of knowing. So after spending countless hours browsing through the National Crime Syndicate’s webpages and completely mutilating my search history… I introduce you, […]Read More


How To Make The Most Of Quarantine

The new rules that our society has been instructed to follow barely come to be a surprise to anyone anymore, stay inside, keep a distance from one another, wash your hands, (something you would think most people would know by now.)  And because I think that the rest of the media is doing a fine […]Read More


Formal Rivals Reach For The Stars

Introduction This month we’re going to take a trip back in time to the blazing 1970s. Some may remember this as the decade when some of Hollywood’s most legendary blockbusters made their debut, one of those being the famous space adventure, Star Wars. While the saga didn’t begin until later in 1977, a real space […]Read More


The Alter-Egos of American Cuisine

When you think of American food, what image comes to mind first? A cheeseburger? Fries? A classic ballpark hot dog, or a slice of greasy New York pizza perhaps? As my disclaimer, I would like to address that the determination of how the following foods are considered un-American, I am including the practices and methods […]Read More


Famous Landmarks And Monuments In New York

It’s no secret that New York has quite a reputation for being one of the most exciting places on earth; may that be earned from the nicknames the grand state has collected over the years such as, “The Big Apple,” or “The Empire City,” and “The Melting Pot,” which were given to describe the unique […]Read More


The Effectiveness of Language Exchange Apps

Are you learning a language? But have the hours of studying alone become bland and uninteresting? Then you’ve probably searched for a way to mix things up and ended up somewhere around the neighborhood of a language exchange app. A few years back, I had been studying German for quite some time and had reached […]Read More