The Mir castle

The Mir castle is one of the most famous places in Belarus. The ancient structure is rich with many stories and legends, and the walls of this building have seen some very hard times. Approaching Mir (in Grodno region) today, one cannot but notice its silhouette from a distance. It’s the Mir Castle, with great […]Read More


The history of Belarusian cookery

Each nation has its own traditions, rituals, and culture – they play a very important role in society, as cooking has always played an integral part of everyone’s life. This is how the food culture began to develop, and with it the traditional cuisine. Its development has been influenced by many factors, such as geography, […]Read More


A bond of time: the Belarusian towel

Every nation and people have their own history. They each have their own legends, their own traditions – items that help us learn more about their history. Belarusian people have a lot of interesting legends, beliefs, and objects that for many years people have endowed with magical and mysterious power.  Many years ago people believed […]Read More


New Year in Belarus

Every year on December 31st, people from all over the world gather in a circle, waiting in anticipation of a miracle. We remember the best moments of the outgoing year and want to forget the worst and hope that the coming year will be the best. Each of us makes secret wishes in the hope […]Read More


A festival of different countries’ cultures

Belarus is a small country with very friendly and welcoming people. Our country always seeks to have good relationships with other countries. So every year in the heart of Belarus we have a festival of different countries’ cultures.  A festival of different cultures is a big celebration in Minsk. A lot of people look forward […]Read More