Most of us want to be stylish and follow fashion, but what if it is forbidden? What if you can be humiliated in the local newspaper just because you are wearing fitted pants or gaudy shirts? Nowadays this situation is unimaginable. However, from the 1940s to 1960s, it was quite usual in the Soviet Union.  […]Read More


Russian Must-See Movies

It can be tiring to sit in front of your desk poring over hundreds of books trying to find some interesting information about a country you are interested in. Most people are eager to learn shocking or extraordinary facts that are quite difficult to seek out in books. To make the process of learning more […]Read More



It is impossible to imagine that people’s mindsets and creative activities changed completely in one year. The socialist government that seized power inspired people at first. Mottos everywhere encouraged crowds to subvert the monarchical regime. One year, 1917,  comprehensively changed the course of history. From saturated and colourful canvases to gloomy and monolithic works of […]Read More


Stalinist Culture

When we visit galleries of modern art, we can see a wide range of masterpieces. Artists are free to do anything they want. “Art must speak” is the motto of today’s galleries. Expressing your deepest emotions or showing a protest to the government is acceptable now but what if we go back to the time […]Read More


Russian mentality

Most of us know some basic facts and stereotypes about Russia: it is the biggest country, it is so cold here (especially in Siberia), and there are a lot of bears. But what do you know about people who reside in this territory? Russia is a miscellaneous country: here you can find 190 nationalities, each […]Read More


90’s Fashion in Russia

Most of us want to keep up with the latest fashion trends and can go shopping to choose whatever we like. However, in post-USSR Russia, Western clothes were not easily accessible. With the USSR ceasing to exist in 1991, it meant that new and exciting fashion trends from overseas started seeping into Russia.  Young people […]Read More


What Was Life like in the Soviet Union?

How did people live in the USSR? This idea is quite interesting for those who heard a lot of jokes or mysteries about this time. Most people feel happy living in Soviet Russia and now if the whole family reunite, there is one person that keeps saying: “It was better in the USSR…” I was […]Read More


Russian Cinematography

Cinema has always been an important part of our life. Through this type of art people express their deepest feelings and beliefs. Directors show the most urgent problems of our society, hoping to make people think about what we do wrong and what we should change in ourselves. Cinematographers go deep in our souls trying […]Read More


Rejected by Your Homeland

Imagine the feeling: waking up, packing your belongings, and knowing that there are only a few minutes left to enjoy standing on your native soil. Why? Because tomorrow you start a new life – the life of an emigrant. Unfortunately, a lot of Russians did not have to imagine that reality, as they knew that […]Read More


The Mighty Handful

Everyone who is keen on Russian classical music must know the mighty handful-the group consisting of five composers: Mily Balakirev, César Cui, Modest Mussorgsky, Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, and Alexander Borodin who did not even get a professional music education. The mighty handful (19th-century) was mostly like Peredvizhniki, encouraging creators who draw inspiration from populist ideas. The […]Read More