Russian Literature around the World: Doctor Zhivago

The novel “Doctor Zhivago” can be described as Pasternak’s “lyrical autobiography” or simply – the work of his whole life, because from its conception (1912) to the publication of the work, almost half of the writer’s life passed. Repeated attempts to start a profound and immense story ended with the creation of independent, separate novels […]Read More


Russian Literature around the World: Fathers and Children

The History of its Creation  Turgenev first thought of creating a new work describing reality when he was on the Isle of Wight, in England. There he conceived a major story, the hero of which should be a young doctor. The prototype of Bazarov came from a young doctor, who Turgenev met while traveling by […]Read More


Russian Literature around the World: Petersburg Tales

Nikolai Vasilyevich came to St. Petersburg, still a young man dreaming of transforming the world. When he reached St Petersburg, he collided with the reality of the big city. His plan was to become a lawyer in order to improve the lives of the people there. However, the young man soon understood that this was […]Read More


Russian Literature around the World: Eugene Onegin

The novel “Eugene Onegin” has a central place among all the artistic endeavors of A. S. Pushkin. This is the most significant work of the poet, the most famous and influenced the development of Russian literature the most. The novel took 7 years, 4 months and 17 days of hard work (1823 – 1831) and […]Read More


How Czechs See Classic Russian Literature: Oblomov

“I am referring to the process of conscious and unconscious creativity. First of all, I will say about myself that I belong to the latter category, that is, I am most interested in (as Belinsky remarked about me) “my ability to draw.”  Ivan Goncharov This is exactly what Ivan Goncharov, a famous Russian writer and […]Read More


How Czechs See Classic Russian Literature: Dead Souls

Why did Chichikov want to buy dead souls? Why did Gogol burn the second book?​ All of these questions have been pondered by philologists for a long time, and the time has come to share these facts with you, as well as see how Czechs see Russian classic literature. Nikolai Vasilievich Gogol is a widely […]Read More


Per Aspera Ad Astra – Through Thorns To The Stars

The year is 1961.  The satellite ship “Vostok-1” is ready for take-off.  The whole world is waiting.  And then the positive and resolute voice of the Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin is heard: “Let’s go!” Space – It’s always been a mystery to humanity.  Many are drawn to find out what’s hidden behind the thick clouds […]Read More


The differences between 2 capitals of Russia

There has been a war between the two capitals of Russia for a long time: how to correctly name many things, where the city’s atmosphere is more sociable and pleasant, etc. But the main question is which capital is the best: white stone Moscow or the city on the Neva – St. Petersburg? Weather: truth […]Read More


Yard-wells in St. Petersburg

When you walk in the center of St. Petersburg, you admire the beauty of the streets and attractions of the city. Like moving around a small town in Europe. But if you look at the city from a bird’s eye view, we can see how strongly built the city is: there are small streets between […]Read More