British Colonialism in America and India

In 1497, King Henry VII of  England sent an expedition to the North American coast. However, because there were few precious metals available, both the Spanish and English initially refused to permanently settle there. The first permanent English colonization of the Americas was the colony of Jamestown, in 1607. Prior to Cristopher Columbus’ arrival in […]Read More


Understanding a culture through its language

It’s common logic for anyone to say that any area’s language is shaped by other languages relating to and surrounding it. We see this in common everyday use words, like sun and water, which English gets from its German ancestor. Or in complex, scientific words borrowed from Latin, such as nucleus, pendulum, data, and even […]Read More


The psychology of learning a language

When you think about the cerebral areas and functions dedicated to learning and producing a language, it can get quite overwhelming. There’s the Broca’s area, dedicated to producing speech. There’s the Wernicke’s area, for understanding of language. Procedural memory- for perfecting the accent of a language, explicit memory-  for memorizing vocabulary. And in order to […]Read More