Desserts in the Americas

In this article, we will exchange cultural recipes between Brazil and the U.S, then we will review each other’s recipes, garnished with the history of each dessert and its interesting origins. Prior to this collaboration, we haven’t tried each other’s recipes, so this will be a new experience for us both. Feel free to try […]Read More


The Beauty of Overtones

Briefly, sound is a vibration and that vibration holds a specific frequency. Air itself for instance, is not sound, as you probably already know. Sound occurs when the molecules come in contact with those of any other object and cause longitudinal waves, (the kinetic molecular motion can determine how large these longitudinal waves are) entering […]Read More


Explanations to Some North American Customs

There are many trivial questions about why some North American customs appear a certain way or are processed in an odd way. Basically most of these explanations are applicable to Canada as well (hence the title.) Disclaimer: the title just generalizes explanations to common cultural observations, (some from personal curiosity and from foreigners’ questions) not […]Read More


The Mystery Of Dark Matter?

About 13.7 billion years ago, before a colossal explosion, the universe was the size of a pinhole. It then continually expanded due to the opposition of gravity or (dark energy) and cooled after the explosion also known as the Big Bang theory. It was then the collapse of a solar nebula that created our solar […]Read More



Usually when Guam is referenced, the first thought that comes to mind is that it is a naval base and a U.S territory along with Saipan, which is mostly recognized in WWII battles. Although true, the indigenous people (Chamorros) and their culture, due to their circumstances are not given the proper acknowledgement, especially in North […]Read More


The Kennewick Man

The Kennewick Man, as referred to by archaeologists and anthropologists, was one of the oldest and almost comprehensive homo sapien remains found in North America. Conversely, groups of Native Americans alluded to the man as The Ancient One, as they claimed him as their tribal ancestor. The two given names signify two very different connotations, […]Read More


Synopsis of Tectonic Plates

Earth’s Contents Though this may be familiar for many, continents and oceans are grouped in various tectonic plates, (essentially a slowly moving mass.) Despite the slow rate of movement, different plates move at different speeds on the continuum of slow movement. Among these colossal and slowly moving masses, are three different types of tectonic boundaries […]Read More


The Pueblo Peoples

Today our focal point remains on the Pueblo peoples of the Southwest, where present day (New Mexico) is located. It is also important to note that the Puebloans did have some inhabitants in Texas, Arizona, South Utah, and Colorado, but New Mexico is the vicinity that contains the most federally recognized communities. The Puebloans consist […]Read More


A Synopsis Of Seattle

Before delving into the beginnings of the city of Seattle’s history, let’s mention its location. Seattle remains in the uppermost west coast state, Washington. Not to be confused with Washington D.C. Seattle did not begin in Seattle, it actually began 11 miles (17 km) away from present day Seattle in what is called Alki (Al-kee) […]Read More


The Zeigarnik Effect

Its name originated from illustrious Lithuanian psychiatrist and psychologist Bluma Wulfovna Zeigarnik. For a schematic synopsis, she was born in Prenai, Lithuania on October 27, 1901. Zeigarnik had meningitis hence her absence from school for many years, which was of course difficult. Though, despite her tribulation, in 1918 she graduated from the girls’ gymnasium. She […]Read More