The War between Iran and Iraq

The Iraq-Iran War, known in Iran as the Imposed War,  the Holy Defense, or the Eight-Year War in Saddam’s Iraq, was the longest conventional war in the twentieth century and the second longest war of the century after the Vietnam War. It lasted nearly eight years. The war officially began on September 22, 1980. On […]Read More


Global Poverty

One of the most important and painful human problems is poverty. When we talk about poverty, we mean a situation where a person does not have access to a certain amount of money and wealth, and this amount of wealth depends on the level of poverty in that person. There are two types,  absolute poverty […]Read More


All Kinds Of Persian Dances

In this article, I decided to talk about Persian dances because after the Iran revolution, dancing was banned for women and I’m trying to keep this great tradition alive in the hope that one day we will be able to dance freely in our country. Since we can’t dance in Iran most of the Persian […]Read More


The situation of women in Iran

All over the world, most women experience some form of sexual discrimination.  And the experience of each varies, depending on their country. In Asia and Africa, for example, this type of discrimination is more servere and damaging than in Europe and the United States, and depends on various factors such culture and the relevant laws. […]Read More


The Other Whitechapel Murders

Britain has had its fair share of heinous serial killers, but none of them have captured the imagination like Jack the Ripper.  The enigmatic ‘demon’ who stalked women around the Whitechapel area has cemented himself in international history as one of the world’s most well known and most puzzling unsolved cases, mainly due to the […]Read More


Annie Chapman

Annie Chapman was born to George Smith and Ruth Chapman in early September 1841. Her father was in the army, and her mother was a servant. Annie was born out of wedlock, and Ruth lost her job due to this, and became a ‘dolly mop’ in the eyes of society, a soldier’s woman who also […]Read More


Munchausen’s Syndrome

Munchausen’s syndrome, also known as factitious disorder, is a psychological disorder which causes someone to feign illness and even deliberately induce symptoms in themselves, with the primary aim of gaining attention and sympathy, although there may be secondary motives such as financial gain. It is named after German nobility, Baron Munchausen, who was known for […]Read More


Seven beautiful Iranian cities

In this article I want to introduce you to seven of the most beautiful and spectacular cities in Iran. First of all, I would like to give you a brief explanation of Iran so that you can become more comfortable with this beautiful country and look at it with a more complete view. Iran, also […]Read More


The Overall Effect Of Coronavirus

I’m sure most of you are familiar with the covid-19 virus that is spreading panic across the globe. With it being one of the first pandemics since the influenza virus, it’s not hard to see why it’s causing people to worry so much. But what exactly are the effects of this virus? And what can […]Read More