Black Lives Matter: What is It?

I’m sure we’ve all heard the name before Black Lives Matter, in the United States this name can be found on shirts, face masks, hats and tote bags, worn by thousands of people every day. And as subliminal messaging goes, the ambiguously named organization gains ample publicity, it is a following directed to every individual […]Read More


Coffee’s History

Who’s the largest consumer of coffee in the world? Italy? USA? No and no; the largest consumer of coffee is Finland. Astonishing, isn’t it? Every day we drink more than one billion cup of coffee, a business of billions and billions of dollars. This doesn’t just economic benefits but also health benefits, in fact, improves […]Read More


Rohingya crisis in the Asian subcontinent

The Rohingya Crisis is a well known crisis involving the issue of the rohingya ethnicity which have become refugees because of different internal conflicts in their homeland Myanmar. It is severely harming the integrity of the countries where Rohingyas are the temporary citizens, including: Bangladesh, Australia, India, Japan, Malaysia precisely. Rohingyas were originally tribal people. […]Read More


The War between Iran and Iraq

The Iraq-Iran War, known in Iran as the Imposed War,  the Holy Defense, or the Eight-Year War in Saddam’s Iraq, was the longest conventional war in the twentieth century and the second longest war of the century after the Vietnam War. It lasted nearly eight years. The war officially began on September 22, 1980. On […]Read More


How to Learn a Language

Remember your foreign language class? The teacher boring you with grammar rules and short term memory drills. To pass the class you succumbed to this, not actually learning how to communicate. In the end, you were glad to drop the class to forget everything, thus learning nothing. Frustrating experiences in school lead to sayings like […]Read More


Italian Unification

Noi siamo da secoli Calpesti, derisi, Perché non siam popolo, Perché siam divisi. This is part of the Italian National Anthem, ‘Il Canto degli Italiani’, written by Goffredo Mameli. It’s also known as “L’Inno di Mameli”. It says: we were for centuries downtrodden, derided, because we are not one people, because we are divided. In […]Read More


Global Poverty

One of the most important and painful human problems is poverty. When we talk about poverty, we mean a situation where a person does not have access to a certain amount of money and wealth, and this amount of wealth depends on the level of poverty in that person. There are two types,  absolute poverty […]Read More


Where does Turkey belong?

Too Middle Eastern for Europe and too European for the Middle East. As a transcontinental country, Turkey has a confusing identity. The question of whether Turkey is a modern democracy or a traditional Islamic Republic divides the nation. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founder of Turkey, modernised Turkey into a secular, Western state. But Recep Tayyip […]Read More


The Italian-American Mafia: Part I

Introduction  This month we’re going to take a brief look into the methods, rules, and the overall structure of one of the most infamous crime organizations the world has had the displeasure of knowing. So after spending countless hours browsing through the National Crime Syndicate’s webpages and completely mutilating my search history… I introduce you, […]Read More