History of Witchcraft

Since the beginning of civilization there has always been a belief in the supernatural. From shamans in ancient Egypt, to priests and even modern witches, we have always trusted our hopes and fears of supernatural forces.  In this article, I would like to focus on the development of witchcraft throughout history and how it has […]Read More


History Of Pride In Slovenia

LGBT rights, even though widely accepted in the western world, are globally and sadly still not as self-evident as one would think. In fact in 71 countries homosexuality is illegal and many countries still don’t legally recognize transgender people. However we must not forget the enormous progress we have made in the last few decades. […]Read More


Comparison of Brazil and Slovenia

Brazil exhibits a lot of color, spice and warmth, with fervent and comprehensive culture. It is the outcome of an immense mixture of origins: being indigenous, European and African. With diversity in its blood, Brazil is internationally recognized for its football, carnival, and samba. Brazil also exhibits a delicious cuisine, tropical climate, varied and somewhat […]Read More


A comparison of the Slovenian and the German school system

There are 194 countries on our planet – and everywhere children and young people learn in a different system. In some countries, there is compulsory education through the school, which means that children have to attend school. Elsewhere there is only compulsory education, which means that parents must ensure that their children receive education in […]Read More