Christmas and New-Year Sights in Brazil

Brazil is a country of great natural and cultural richness, containing beautiful beaches, forests, and a rich culture that only adds potential for great holiday trips! When it comes to culture, Brazil stands out, often because it is a country of so much diversity, derived from the vast number of countries that influenced Brazilian cultural […]Read More


The Legacy of Slavery: Comparing Britain and Brazil

Around the world, people experience the effects of slavery in their day to day lives. Of course, the long legacy of slavery is varied, depending largely on whether countries were the colonised or the coloniser. In Britain, slavery was seen for a long time as an opportunity far across the seas, and the injustices in […]Read More


The Beer Cultures Of Brazil And Czechia

Czechia In the Czech Republic, there isn’t anything more essential than beer. If you imagine the country as a person, beer would be its blood. It isn’t surprising then that the famous Czech beer is recognised as the best beer in the world. Let’s take a look at its history! Czechs are globally recognised as […]Read More


The strength of African women in Brazil

Around 1525, the first slave ship from Africa anchored in Brazil, bringing hundreds of black people that today we know as our ancestors. Among a multitude of things, they faced slavery, hunger, and the destruction of their culture, so that today Afro-Brazilians could enjoy the right to come and go (even with structural racism, police […]Read More


Luiz Gonzaga – O rei do baião

Do you know Luiz Gonzaga? For those who want to know more about Brazil it is essential that you know a little about his life and hear at least one of his songs. Luiz Gonzaga was a singer, composer and instrumentalist from the Northeast, with great influence on music, he is considered by many, one […]Read More


An Introduction to Homelessness in the US and Brazil

US: Most often, when one mentions their country they do not allude to the covert homelessness do they? Maybe their country handles the situation well so homelessness is not mentioned or maybe the situation is handled worse, hence not being alluded to in embarrassment through national pride [excessive tax spending on national defense]. For the […]Read More


Comparison of Brazil and Slovenia

Brazil exhibits a lot of color, spice and warmth, with fervent and comprehensive culture. It is the outcome of an immense mixture of origins: being indigenous, European and African. With diversity in its blood, Brazil is internationally recognized for its football, carnival, and samba. Brazil also exhibits a delicious cuisine, tropical climate, varied and somewhat […]Read More


The feminist movement in Brazil and the women who influenced

The feminist movement has been shaped over the years, as obstacles have been conquered and rights secured. In the Colony of Brazil (started in 1500) the struggle of women was focused on fundamental rights such as political participation, education, the right to divorce, free access to the labor market, etc.  Black women, on the other […]Read More


Afro-Brazilian Culture and Black Awareness Day

The Afro-Brazilian culture was formed under the influence of African, indigenous and even European culture in Brazil. It originated from slavery when millions of black Africans came to Brazil as slave labor. This made Brazil become the colony with the most of black people outside of Africa and, nowadays, the most mixed country in the […]Read More