Russian Literature around the World: Petersburg Tales

Nikolai Vasilyevich came to St. Petersburg, still a young man dreaming of transforming the world. When he reached St Petersburg, he collided with the reality of the big city. His plan was to become a lawyer in order to improve the lives of the people there. However, the young man soon understood that this was […]Read More


Russian Literature around the World: Eugene Onegin

The novel “Eugene Onegin” has a central place among all the artistic endeavors of A. S. Pushkin. This is the most significant work of the poet, the most famous and influenced the development of Russian literature the most. The novel took 7 years, 4 months and 17 days of hard work (1823 – 1831) and […]Read More


Traditional Korean Music: Trendier and Trendier

Where are you from reading this article? In your country, there will be traditional music that represents the souls and hearts of the people of your country. And maybe many young people think that traditional music is usually boring or dull. Even in Korea, there are not many people who enjoy traditional music, so traditional […]Read More


Gyeongju, a City with a Thousand-Year History

Nowadays, borders around the world have been blocked by coronavirus and there will be many people who want to travel abroad. I expect some of your travel destinations to be Korea. When you hear the word ‘Korea’, I guess many of you will come up with Seoul. So today, I would like to introduce you […]Read More


Nam June Paik, A Pioneer In Video Art

“Like the economy, culture needs exports rather than imports. I am a cultural merchant who wanders around the world to export Korean culture.” Nam June Paik Who was Nam June Paik? Nam June Paik was born in Korea in 1932, lived in Korea until the age of 18, and moved to Japan with his family […]Read More


How Koreans See Classic Czech Literature: Máj

Máj (May) is definitely one of the most iconic Czech poems and every Czech knows its first few verses by heart. In Czechia, Máj is probably the most significant poem of the 19th century and students learn about it in every school, as this literary piece represents the era of Czech romanticism. Karel Hynek Mácha […]Read More


Dark Tourism: A Beautiful But Sad History: April 3rd In

Jeju Island is one of Korea’s most famous islands. It has beautiful natural scenery and a unique culture. But do you know that Korea’s most painful historical event happened on Jeju Island? Together let’s learn about the sad history of this Island. Dark tourism (also known as black tourism, morbid tourism or grief tourism) is […]Read More


The connecting link between you and Korea getting closer: King

To you who love Korea Are you aiming to study Korean this year? Or are you usually interested in Korean culture? If you do, pay attention to this article. The Korean Wave(called 한류) is gaining popularity among foreigners. Accordingly, many foreigners want to learn Korean and culture on their own. However, many people are interested […]Read More