New Year in Belarus

Every year on December 31st, people from all over the world gather in a circle, waiting in anticipation of a miracle. We remember the best moments of the outgoing year and want to forget the worst and hope that the coming year will be the best. Each of us makes secret wishes in the hope that, in the New Year, they will come true.

And although the New Year is celebrated all over the world, each country has its own traditions. Belarus is no exception. For example, in Europe, the main holiday is Christmas, which is celebrated on December 25, but in Belarus, the most significant holiday is New Year. I don’t know a single person who doesn’t celebrate the New Year. Each family has its own traditions, but there is definitely something in common. Not all people, especially teenagers, celebrate the new year in the family circle, often the guys gather in large companies, and sometimes even celebrate the New Year right on the street, near the big stage, where every year there is a festive concert. 

Usually, people in Belarus celebrate the new year in the circle of the closest people. The whole family gathers around a large table to have dinner. The most traditional dish is Olivier. Olivier is a salad that includes potatoes, carrots, chicken, cucumber and most importantly green peas, dressed with mayonnaise. You can also see a large number of snacks, such as sandwiches (with red caviar or fish), canapes or tartlets. There is always a hot dish, usually baked chicken or duck. Of the drinks on the table there is always champagne. As the clock chimes, people write their wishes on small pieces of paper, set fire to them, throw them into a glass of champagne, and drink them with the ashes. The belief is that, if you managed to drink a glass to the bottom before the end of the chimes, the desire will come true.

Often young people celebrate the New Year with friends. In this case, they stay for a family dinner with their parents, and then get together. 

On this magical night in the heart of the country, you can fully immerse yourself in the magic of the new year. Every year a large stage is set up in Central Square, where the most talented artists of the Republic of Belarus perform. In 2 hours after the chimes, all residents of the country will see a big show of fireworks. Not far from the stage, a safe area is organized, which offers a beautiful view of the fireworks. Also, during the whole of New Year’s Eve, everyone can visit the fair, which is located near the stage. You can try traditional Belarusian dishes and drinks, and if you like. If you get cold, you will be warmed by hot mulled wine or honey wine, and for children, you can buy non-alcoholic hot drinks. If you do not want to just stand all night in one place, not far from the fair you can find an ice rink where you can have fun. Having finished celebrating New year’s Eve, people go home to rest before the upcoming year.

This is how every New Year is celebrated in Belarus. Fun, colourful, bright and worth remembering during the whole year. After all, as the New Year begins, so it will continue.

In the New Year, I would like to wish everyone fulfillment of all the most intimate desires, to love and be loved and always remain ourselves because each of us is beautiful in its own way. Happy New Year!



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