Dark Crisis

Haiti, a country whose pain and despair are not over. A people who since their independence have known suffering and disappointment. Why do such brave and courageous people perish like this? Since our glorious victory we have never stopped fighting, yet in view of the consequences of our past mistakes, like killing our saviour (one of the people who fought for our independence, Jean Jacques Dessalines), we can be certain that we failed. We enjoy being an independent country. Yet in view of our actual situation, we still feel like we’re in slavery. A slavery where we act like fools and hurt each other, our own people.

On Friday, march 12, 2021 in the capital of Haiti, Port-au-Prince, the government of Haiti sent a group of brave soldiers on a mission into a small village called “Village de Dieu”, which translates to “Village of God”, in order to prevent banditry and kidnapping. The teenagers in that area are the proof of the corruption in our government’s past. Instead of giving them a job or  important skills that might help them in the future, the police use them to watch over their post. Even in the darkest time we don’t resist these sordids. They take us and make us do things we are not able or don’t want to do. 

They kidnap kids, they make them suffer and ask an amount of money to give them back to their family. Because of these things, the schools had to close and some kids had to stay home for days or weeks. These bandits destroy the country’s property, like markets, public places, and so on. They all do things to assert their influence on the people. So that’s why the president decided to send a group of cops into that area to protect the innocent people. Without any good practice, they arrived at the place where there was already a group of bandits waiting for them. The bandits were armed from head to toe. They were ready to fight with the cops.

Just like that everything goes wrong, people are dying and we lost a group of brave soldiers. The bandits burn buildings down, and destroy everything in their path. And, worst of all, they take pictures and post them on social media like it was something fun to do, like it was a pleasure to come and destroy everything without caring about other people  – and not just any people, but our own people.

Things came to a point where people were tired of these actions, of families and kids dying, of schools  being closed and properties and public places being destroyed. So that was when they stood up and said we need justice for our people who die, for our country who’s also dying. These people make sure that their voice is heard everywhere but even though they did all this, there were still people dying.  The bandits continue killing, burning things and people are suffering, kids starting to stress out about their future and parents stressing out about their kids’ futures, and about what might happen when they go out to school. However this didn’t stop some people from protesting and making sure their voices were heard. 

It’s a pretty inhumane reaction. Even though people were crying for help they still continued doing hurtful things. Everything was dark just like some of their hearts. The country was full of oils, it was on fire, Cops were dying, they took their bodies and burned them. We needed help from other countries, so everyone was starting to share what was going on. That when the hashtag #FreeHaiti was started. People started to help us. Some countries, like Russia, didn’t come to help.  Weapons in hands, the wickedness that still reigns, that’s our sad reality. #FreeHaiti



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