The Coronacrisis across the World

Coronavirus in the UK – Rose

Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced a social criteria for coronavirus on the 23rd of March, stating, amongst other measures, acceptable reasons for leaving your house and the closure of public places.

Johnson’s measures include limiting people to their homes as much as possible.  The public is encouraged to shop “in person” as infrequently as possible, instead using online delivery services – many shops have limited the ability of the public to panic stockpile by only letting them buy one or two of the same item if they are essential.  These ‘essentials’ include toilet paper, soap, UHT milk, rice and biscuits. People are also allowed to leave their house for medical reasons – if they are a carer for a family member, or if they need to pick up a medicine prescription for themselves. Some smaller pharmacies are limiting the number of people that can be inside the building to one person at a time, and many of them have a two meter barrier between the counter and the customer.  The public are allowed to travel to work if they are deemed as a ‘key worker’ – this includes NHS staff, the military, delivery workers, cleaners, engineers and retail workers, alongside many other dedicated people who are putting aside their personal safety to try and help as many people as they can. Social gatherings are also banned, including visiting friends and family members. Parks remain open but people are limited to only one exercise period per day.  Weddings, baptisms and other religious gatherings have been postponed, with funeral ceremonies being the only exception. Non-essential shops, such as clothes stores, have shut, alongside libraries, playgrounds, gyms, places of worship, cafes and pubs.

In order to enforce these new measures, the police are now able to fine people who are out-and-about without an acceptable reason to do so.  In an incredibly rare occurrence, the government is now paying the wages for any workers who are self-isolating or social distancing because they are not a key worker.

Boris was berated for not reacting quick enough, but his address to the nation on the 23rd of March was incredibly assertive and has helped people realise the danger that Coronavirus presents to the nation.

Meanwhile, on a domestic level, everyone seems to be banding together.  Children have been encouraged to draw rainbows and hang them up in their front window.  Many magazines, such as BBC History Extra, have opened their libraries so that non-subscribers can read their articles.  A favourite of not only the nation but of the world is Joe Wick’s YouTube channel TheBodyCoach, which has been providing half-an-hour family friendly workouts every morning at 9am during the quarantine so that people can stay fit.

Coronavirus in Japan – Yota

In Japan, the recent coronavirus outbreak has had a severe impact. On March 30th, there were 1926 coronavirus patients in Japan. Face masks sold out temporarily at many stores while they were being sold at high prices on online flea market sites.Thousands of people are panic buying and stockpiling toilet paper because of the false rumours 

One of the most significant effects is that the 2020 Tokyo Olympics have been postponed. At the beginning of the coronavirus outbreak Japan anticipated that infection would spread widely, but it didn’t spread as much as some other countries. There are two main reasons why Japan was not as badly affected as some European countries.

  • some practices that help cleanliness and prevent the spread, like wearing face masks,  washing hands or gargling throats. 
  • Limited virus testing

The second one is a problem. The reason testing is limited, is to reduce some of the hard work and stress in medical institutions and to prioritize caring for critically ill coronavirus patients. However, there is potentially a far larger extent of infection. Some experts say that Japan’s coronavirus infection figures could be just  ‘the tip of the iceberg’. In fact,Tokyo has been top in this country for a few days before. On March 29th, only 68 people were infected in a day. Coronavirus patients would increase over the next few days, however. People like new students or new workers would start their lives in a new environment from April. That’s why we must consider the possible impacts carefully  when we choose to come into contact with other people.

In Japan, some people are saying that when the temperature increases,  coronavirus cases will decrease. However since people move around the world, we still need to prioritise cleanliness and health.

Because the number of recovered people haven’t been reported, we don’t know the exact number of confirmed cases.We can just hope that infected people are getting better.

The coronavirus crisis from a Russian perspective – Margarita

The freezing gust of wind and the fading reek of exhaust fumes are all that remains from yesterday’s ebullience of life. Now everything is put on hold indefinitely. The barren subway cars, the derelict office seats and red marking tapes shielding the children’s stomping grounds – does it possess the same bleak atmosphere as an apocalyptic movie? 

Even if it does, the cause isn’t the zombie invasion or a second Ice Age. And Mel Gibson is not the director. It is what has always been a constant  throughout world history, from the plague to COVID-19. The hundreds of politicians and medics worldwide battling for the lives of the billions. 

Russia is no exception. Being the largest country in the world and sharing borders with sixteen countries in Asia and Europe at the same time, the emergence of the virus was inevitable. The first case was identified in the Eastern part of mother-Russia on the 31st of January.  As a result of the rapid response of the government, the transmission of the Coronavirus was minimized. The strict quarantine conditions, the snow-white gloves and the nasty smell of the antibacterial agents are what the first patients experienced. The Russian population could sleep soundly, unaware of the coming obstacles. I remember the fear sweeping through Moscow after the news of the first infection. It was an Italian tourist, who couldn’t miss out on a better opportunity to get acquainted with Russian culture, than visiting a hospital in Moscow. Thank god, he is safe now, but the alarming case has put Russians into a state of panic. Everyone and their dog rushed to the product shops to fill their carts up with bags of buckwheat and canned meat. From the 16th of March the government declared air travel disruption and recommended that students avoided attending schools and universities. We were on cloud nine, since the early beginning of the holidays inevitably warmed our hearts. We are teenagers – our splash of satisfaction and recklessness is excusable. But what to do with the infantile grownups?

The next government measure was the abolition of work in the first week of April. These days were declared to be rest days. But instead of staying at home and enhancing their overall health, some of those especially «blessed with mind» grabbed their buckwheat and headed towards adventures across the country. Others suddenly understood that canned meat flawlessly fits nature and a circle of relatives and friends. But that is our mentality, one of the essentials of our nation. Hardened by the dozens of sanguinary wars, betrayals, rebellions and revolutions, Russia armed with its civilians, doctors and scientists is ready to face and beat the odds, as well as helping the globe. Humanity, it is up to us, so let’s summon all our willpower and win this battle!


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