The value of post-secondary institutions in America

“I don’t know what to do,’’ A phrase said by many young adults and teens in the same boat: Many American people have uncertainties of whether they should attend college or not, and where they should go. Attending college is the right step towards success. A success that is beneficial to everyone in the long run of life. Imagine having an economically secure life, contributing to the community, and being given the gift of helping others. The value of college is in its necessity because of college’s positively heavy influence on community and personal growth as an individual. 

firstly, the value of college is in its necessity because it provides communal growth. To support the college’s value is in its importance due to its communal growth, the president of Wesleyan University, Michael Roth states, numerous college graduates obtain “leadership positions in politics, culture and economy’’ (2011). Obtaining significant roles in society means, college graduates are more likely to become more authoritative, than those who do not attend college.  Because of the fact that college graduates tend to obtain leadership positions in politics, the workforce, and industries, means, more college graduates are more likely to be role models in their communities and are heavily influenced by society, compared to those who have not earned a college degree. Who does not want their community lead by the best? Who does not want their community to become intellectually and financially solid? Michael Roth helps illustrate the thought that, because college graduates make the majority of leaders in today’s culture, the residents of our society become influenced by the role models resulting in  stronger and more informed communities. So because college ensures more efficient societal norms, and the people within those regions will tend to make more informed decisions, college’s value is in its necessity because of communal growth.

In-addition to communal growth, The value of college is in its importance because of personal financial growth. According to Pew Social And Demographic Trends, “55 percent of college graduates say college was crucial when training the graduates for their future job or career.’’  A college graduate’s preparation for a job or career, means their positions are prioritized than graduates‘ less educated counterparts, better ensuring these graduates towards their long term goals. Being prioritized means college graduates make ‘‘$20,000’’ more compared to a non-graduate (2011). Who does not want an extra twenty grand annually?  Who does not want to be more financially and economically secure than their colleagues? Especially in times of economic downturns. Imagine a financially struggling mother with her eyes brimming with tears, in guilt knowing she could have attended college to afford to give her children the best possible life. So because, college better ensures employment and higher pay, college’s value is in its necessity because of personal growth.

Although it must be conceded, for some, the value of college is wasted because of total tuition and fee costs. As stated by, Ben Wieder, the “cost and demand for a college education have grown significantly’’ (Wieder). A rising cost means more debt and financial burdens to pay off. However,  just because potential debt is admittedly a factor for not attending college, doesn’t mean it is hard to attend college. According to columnist, David, Leonhardt, the “once financial aid is taken into account average net tuition and fees at a public four-year colleges were only about $2,000’’(2011).  Financial aid means reducing debt and burden at a significant amount, as a result making college much easier to attend. Why not attend college when there is more monetary gain, financial security, and an innovative community? So, because financial aid is always present to assist with the burden finances may be, the value of college is in its significance.  

Fortunately, College’s value is in its necessity. To no surprise at all college is a gift, a gift that needs to be shared among all. With better informed communities lead by the best authorities, more economic security during recessions or stock market crashes than colleagues, higher chances of employment,  and higher wages. Why not take advantage of what is available? Do not disregard the best option out there. It is strongly advised to seek the best option for the future to come, and the best option is college. Time is ticking, take advantage of college now! The future of yourself and community depends on you.



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