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Each of us, at least once, thought about how people lived many centuries ago. How they survived, what they ate, what they considered holy, etc. but we all know that they lived in caves, ate animals and plants and from the very beginning of their existence believed in something, professed fire-worship, Christianity, Islam and many, many other religions, it all depends on what century we are talking about. Then another question arises – have these people left us something? And I will tell you that the answer is yes! We all heard that ancient people painted on the rocks with stones, you probably saw pictures, but even less saw a history textbook live!

In Azerbaijan there is a reserve – Gobustan, to be more precise, the Gobustan National Historical and Artistic Reserve. The name Gobustan itself means the edge of ravines. There are drawings left over 25 thousand years ago, there are more than 6000 here. These drawings are left in their main part in caves (which you can also get into). Since relatively recent time, namely 2007, Gobustan has been included in the UNESCO heritage list.

The territory of Gobustan is huge – 3096 hectares. Previously, there was a prison for especially dangerous criminals on its territory, but according to the decree of UNESCO, it was moved to another area. If you want to visit Gobustan, then I advise you to wear more comfortable things, because you have to walk a lot. I also want to note that in addition to all this, there are also mud volcanoes in Gobustan.

The drawings also depict hunting scenes, drawings of animals (lions, tigers, snakes), which made a great contribution to the history. Although, Gobustan can be called international. Indeed, on one of the rocks, there is also a Roman inscription, which indicates that people of different nationalities lived here. This inscription was left in the 1st century AD. Also, I want to tell you one interesting fact for me, the drawings left in Gobustan help to suggest that people did rituals, danced, painted an animal killed by a spear, thinking that this way the animal would let them kill him.

Gobustan has many other surprises for you, one of them is gavaldash. This is a large stone slab, knocking on which it will make sounds, and in different places, they will be different. It is believed that this was one of the first tools of mankind, it served for many purposes ranging from protection from animals to religious rituals, while the gavaldash was far from the caves, because its sound spreads several kilometers. In which, by the way, everyone can “play” yourself!

If you ever fly to Baku (the capital of Azerbaijan) and go to Gobustan, (by the way take at least half a day to this, because it takes about an hour to go from Baku to Gobustan), then you will not regret it. All the pictures that you saw on the Internet just come to life in front of you, you will find yourself in another world, a world we are not used to seeing, and realizing that under all these conditions, absolutely the same people lived like us, it is simply impossible to describe in words! And I believe that each of us should visit this place, even if not in this one, in anyone where you can look at how ancient people lived and I don’t even know how to say it, these are the feelings when you simultaneously admire and how people survived and how we evolved! In my opinion, each of us from time to time should remind ourselves of this, and value what we have!



  • Good job, Mariam! A very inspiring article, that makes to feel proud on being an Azerbaijani!

    • Thank you so much for the comment! I will try even more!

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