Caldas Novas

Caldas Novas is a touristic city in the state of Goiás, most known for its thermal pools and water parks. This place in Brazilian central-west region has the biggest hydrothermal source in the world, which makes it an exceptional place to visit. The hot water, present in the pools, is a result of the water that penetrated deep in the earth gaps across the years, and as the inner soil is too warm, the liquid ends up having high temperatures (it varies between 30°C and 57°C).

Even though it is not a capital, Caldas is very bustling, hosting thousands of tourists a day, however there are options for a variety of tastes, from an enthusiastic to a calmer and relaxing trip (that also depends on when and where you are going), and it is perfect for families to travel to. During July, December and national holidays, the city is generally full with tourists, which can be not as nice for people who like to chill, since there is more traffic and longer waiting lines in the attractions when the city is overcrowded.

Nearby the Corumbá Lake, there is the Náutico Praia Clube, that has water slides and other fun attractions. Since it is far from the warm water source, the water there is not as warm as downtown. However, there you will experience more tranquility than in the city centre, because there is less urban commotion. In the lake, you can have a 30-minute-long schooner ride and enjoy the peace that it brings.

A nice place to go to with the family or friends in the city is Hot Park (which is probably the most-known water park in the city) and a few of its attractions are zip line, wave pool, scuba diving and waterslides. And besides this, near Caldas Novas’ downtown, are many fun water parks to spend the day, like Di’Roma Acqua Park, Water Park and others. There are pools in most of the city’s hotels as well, and it is a good choice to stay in after an exhausting day. 

For a more nature-connected and ecological tour, the Serra de Caldas state park is a good destination. There are a few trail path options for a bit of adventure, where you can find nice waterfalls (that unfortunately are cold) and admire the flora.

In the cultural sense, Caldas Novas has an annual music festival (that happens usually in November and has three dates in sequence) named Caldas Country. In that festival, the artists that perform are from a specific Brazilian genre, the sertanejo, that sounds a bit similar to country music and it is one of the most famous genres in Brazil (and it is even more important in the Central-West). Caldas Country is one of the biggest sertanejo festivals in the country and about 100 thousand people go to the shows, which can be a new and exciting experience for an outsider.

For the ones who enjoy peaceful places, the Jardim Japonês (Japanese Garden) has a cozy air and it is full of nature, being simple and small, but a pleasant point to visit for a couple hours. Usually there is a guide to explain the landscape elements and it has the second oldest house in the city, which can be interesting since the furniture is from the 18th Century.

In culinary, it is recommended to taste the typical food from Goiás, that can be offered in restaurants or even in the fair. Rice with pequi (a fruit that is popular in the region), empadão (that is quite similar to a pie and can have different fillings, but usually is chicken), pamonha (that is made of corn) and X-Tudo (a sandwich sold in places called pit dog) are a few options that everyone who visits the state should try.


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