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According to scientists, it takes twenty-five years to form a person’s personality. At this age, the person’s “skeleton” has been created, consisting of tastes, interests and preferences shaped by twenty-five years of life. Many factors influence this process: the environment around, upbringing, and even the hometown where the person grew up. It is true, our small hometown, the place where we spent both the conscious and the unconscious part of our life, greatly affects our future.

In small cities, people are more open, and more calm. Those who grew up in the metropolis are more active and somewhat hasty. No, of course, what we will be depends more on ourselves, but take a closer look. How does your place of residence affect you? Have you noticed features, tastes and interests in yourself that your friend from another place doesn’t have?

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With this introduction, I would like to approach the main topic, which I hope will interest you. I would like to tell you about my town – Orshanka.

Let’s find out the history and origin of my small hometown :
The name of the settlement comes from the name of the river on which the city is located – Orsha. It’s a hydronym of Finno-Ugric origin, its base is the «OR» – riverbed and «SHA» – water, river. The village was founded in 1820, and it has had the status of an urban-type settlement since 1975. 

According to Mikhail Kraev, in 1820 three brothers – Pavel, Sergey and Nikolai Kraevy – came to the new lands from the city of Kukarka, in the Vyatka province (now the city of Sovetsk, Kirov region). Two of the brothers chose a place near the Orsha River — here Orshansky began to repair, and Nikolai chose a place to the north — this was how the Kraevsky, Kraevo repair was organized. However, the “Audit Tales” for 1811 contain information that the following villages were located in this territory: Bolshaya (Big) Orsha, Malaya (small) Karaksha, mending Kraevsky, mending Vankenur and other settlements. Thus, there are many more blank spots in the history of Orshanka.

Our symbol – coat of arms

In addition to its history, I would like to mention the beauty of this place. Grove, glades, and a river – Orshanka has many beautiful and tranquil places. I love my city especially for this. Although this nature is typical of my country, it is still surprising. In fact, in Russia, there are many natural sites that are worth visiting. And even so, the very beauty of  Russian nature causes delight and an inexplicable feeling of uniqueness in the hearts of many, both tourists and residents themselves.


The people in my town are friendly. Due to the small size of Orshanka itself and the number of inhabitants, many know each other. And if we talk about the people, then I would like to tell you about interesting individuals that somehow have stood out and glorified both our city and the region as a whole.


One of these people was Yakov Pavlovich Mayorov-Shketan- significant in Mari literature, and a writer and playwright. This writer is very popular in our republic: books have been published about him – he was mentioned in textbooks and Shketan left a lot of literature as his legacy.

Motovilov Nikolay Panteleevich (1923-2010) is the first honorary citizen of the village of Orshanka. He is the founder of two museums in our city: the ‘Museum of Peasant Labor and Life’ and the ‘Museum of Military Glory’.

We have a lot of such people, but many will not fit in this article. Nevertheless, we will continue.
I think it will be important to mention that we have many excellent organizations for children (and not only)  which aim to promote creativity. The Center for Children’s Creativity, theater and vocal circles, and dance groups are a few examples. Participants of such organisations have repeatedly won prizes at various competitions, showing the talents of our region.


In conclusion, I will say that this place greatly affects my life, as I described. Due to the small number of places for recreation or entertainment for teenagers, so there isn’t that much to say in that regard. But thanks to this, I devote more time to my hobbies and self-development. And believe me, I do not regret this. There are many beautiful views that enchant the beholder.

Each city is unique in its own way. Each place is beautiful in its own way. Appreciate the memories and moments that you experienced in your native place and hometown. Share them! Let the world know of those small cities that no one has heard of.  Remember: every place and every person is part of this world. Part of a shared, big world!

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